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Tuning Fork: Shopfront

(2008) Tuning Fork: Shopfront is the second iteration of the collaboative installation/performance work with James Cunningham.


The three hour durational performances were developed from site-conditiond scores using materials at-hand, measuring devices and bespoke objects that drew attention to "scales of action". Work was commissioned for the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Art, Brisbane from a development in the Aus Dance Bell Tower space, and led to a final itteration at SEAM conference at Critical Path in Sydney 2009.

photos by Suzon Fuks

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Tuning Fork: Bell Tower

Tuning Fork: Drill Hall

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Reading Room: Experiments in posture, movement and comprehension
(2008) Slought Foundation Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Jondi Keane invited philosopher of cognitive science, Professor Shaun Gallagher, and poet Alan Prohm, to each produce a single-room installation for the exhibition. Reading Room presents a series of posture- and movement-specific reading situations staged to help visitors sense for themselves how their activity while reading relates to the enigmatic action of understanding the texts. The space of the text and of thinking, so often dissociated from the space of the person doing these things, gets produced through bodily interaction with the envrionment. By highlighting certain readerly and perceptual phenomena that makes this evident, the Reading Room aims to present texts that require attention to bodily engagements.
participants must balance on the seesaw
while reading texts in the mirror

particiapnts read forward, backward, upside-down
and mirror texts while seated
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(2013) As part of workshop/exhibition: "Souviners of the Senses", Doha.


Handdunes is an installation of photography, hand-molded clay objects and 3D printing within the Group Exhibition "Sounvenirs of the Senses" at the Saffron Gallery (VCU) as part of the DOHA2013: Hybrid Making from March-April 2013. These objects address the conference brief of "Hybrid Making" and "Made in Qatar" which guided the workshop program (selected through a peer-reviewed process). Working with 8 local and international artists the aim was to investigate how place-based learning forges connection between sensation-perception and conceptual processing that links practice-led research to the life sciences (e.g. embodied cognition).

Exhibited in Doha, as part of the Hybrid making Exhibition - Souvenirs of the Senses
Saffron Gallery, VCU Qatar (Mar-April 2013).
All artworks resulting from a 7 day workshop in participatory making.
Jondi Keane, Patrick West and Valerie Jeremijenko: Workshop leaders, curators and exhibitors.
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